2013 Wasp Collections


Here I am, removing aerial yellow jackets in Renton


My usual approach is to collect the airborne foragers first, and then remove the nest at the end.  This gives the returning wasps the visual feedback to fly to their usual entrance, where the vacuum captures them.

Aerial Yellow Jackets in Bellevue

Aerial Yellow Jackets in Renton Highlands

in-ground yellow jacket nest

in-ground yellow jacket nest in Sommerset

More photos of this year’s work:


Cleanup of yellow jacket nest in Issaquah




Taking out an aerial yellow jacket nest in Fairwood


Bombus Vosnesenkii bumble bee nest


Aerial yellow jacket nest in Renton; Dolichovespula Arenaria


Common Eastern Yellow Jackets in Bellevue

Common Eastern Yellow Jackets in Bellevue

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