April 27, 2013ThankYou_KathyS

Kathy S.
Redmond, WA



April 24, 2012

April T.
Maple Valley, WA

Dear Mr. Rausch,

Our rescued bees must be “pleased bees” indeed, to have been invited to a safe haven.  Thank you Master Nathan Rausch, Beekeeper extraordinaire!

The vision of you & the children enticing the bees to make a “beeline” to their new honeycomb was delightful & amazing to observe.

Thanks, especially, for your patience as you deliberated their slow journey & recognized you would need to return later (long drive) to retrieve them!

You demonstrated patience & dedication and the simple joys of accommodating nature to all of us!

Thank you.


April T.

(a line from the enclosed poem came to mind as I watched the flight to the honeycomb:  “How graceful the small before danger!” by Theodore Roethke.)

Thank you letter from April T.


April 24, 2012
Dolores T.
Maple Valley, WA
Dear Mr. Rausch

We were not at home when you arrived to handle the bees that gathered in our neighborhood.  Our daughter who watched your graceful loving rescue mentioned that you spent some time making sure that the bees were safely captured & that you even came back from some distance to pick up the “bee house” late at night.

Our other daughter is highly allergic to bee stings so we owe you a special thanks for your efforts.

April was so entranced with the life’s’ lessons that you taught your children.

We appreciate your being so responsive & thank to your children for giving up their afternoon.


Dolores & Demetro

Thank you letter from Dolores T.

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