Backyard Host

Mason Bees and Honey Bees at backyard host in Renton

Mason Bees and Honey Bees at backyard host in Renton

For 2016 & 2017
I maintain a list of people interested in hosting honey bees.  The best matches are with local homeowners or businesses in or near the Renton Highlands.


  1. We can create a mutually beneficial relationship.
  2. You have a happy, sunny spot for the hive to live.
  3. You really want to watch what the bees are doing.

Please email or call me with your information if you are interested, so I can add you to my waiting list.
or call me at 425-306-5679

Serving SE King County

Serving SE King County

Host provides:

  1. Hive location agreed to be suitable for the host, beekeeper, and the bees.
  2. Unrestricted access to the hives.
  3. Interest, observation & feedback on how things are going with the bees.

Host receives:

  1. Honey:  1 pint per hive per year, or 2 pints from hives that provide a harvest.  I do not harvest honey from first year hives because they need it for winter food.
  2. 50% discount on wasp & hornet removals (

Beekeeper provides:

  1. Between 1 and 4 hives labeled with my name and contact info
  2. Feedback on how things are going following each visit

Beekeeper receives:

  1. A spot for the bees to live
  2. Ownership of all hive products & increase

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