May 1st snapshot

7 hives have made it into spring this year.  36.8% survival since last fall.

Queen Cell Larvae on Royal Jelly

4 Langstroth hives (3 queens from 2016; 1 queen unknown-from August cutout)
2 Warre hives (1 queen from 2015; 1 queen from 2016)
1 Top bar hive (2016 queen)

1 hive died from yellow jacket predation in November.
5 more hives died before new year’s day
6 hives died between new year’s & April
no hives died from starvation

The strongest hives after winter were:
1 Langstroth
1 top bar hive
2 Warre hives

19 hives in September
-12 hives lost over winter
7 hives alive this spring

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