January 26th, and the bees are flying

January 26; Workers are bringing in Cedar & Hazelnut pollen

Spring was threatening to arrive Wednesday.  It was a balmy 62 degrees F, with clear, sunny skies.  The hives in my backyard were busy and full of life.

I’ve seen the girls making “cleansing” flights earlier this month, but this time they were working.  I don’t know where they found some, but there was a smell of nectar coming from my largest hive.  Many of the returning workers also were carrying small packets of gray or pale tan pollen.  There is a filbert tree nearby which is blooming, and I think that western red cedar also blooms early.  Whatever the source is, the bees found it and I’m glad!

It made me smile to see that all 3 of my backyard top bar hives are still alive and kicking–even the really small one that came from a swarm in mid-summer!

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