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Nice Varroa not Resistant Bees

I was given this article last weekend (August 11 & 12, 2012) at a honeybee workshop hosted by Jacqueline Freeman and Michael Thiele.  It fundamentally challenges the perspective of raising and breeding resistant or hygienic bees. “Honey bees of the … Continue reading

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This Swarm of Honey Bees Hives Itself

Some swarms don’t lend themselves to being shaken into a box.  Here is one that I collected with a more gentle sequence, by letting them decide to move in for themselves. .

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Swarm Capture Photo Sequence

Here is a fun sequence of photos from a swarm I collected in Bellevue, WA on Friday afternoon, May 11th. This was probably around 4 lbs of bees–a nice large swarm for May. I arrived about 45 minutes after Dave … Continue reading

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Notes from the 2012 Organic Beekeepers Conference in Oracle AZ

I had the great pleasure of attending the 2012 Organic Beekeepers Conference this spring from March 2nd-4th.  I also stayed over to visit a couple of Dee Lusby’s bee yards on Monday, March 5th. There was a group of about … Continue reading

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Beekeeping Survival Guide from Anarchy Apiaries

This little document is so full of good info that I wish I had come up with this one, but it’s not mine.  Sam Comfort ( fully supports me sharing it. almanac2012 I met Sam at the 2012 Organic Beekeeper’s … Continue reading

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I don’t feed sugar to bees

From my discussion w/Dee Lusby on the Organicbeekeepers group: Re: [Organicbeekeepers] Re: ADVISED TO GIVE BEES SUGAR NIce report Nathan, What new beekeepers fail to see is that bees to go foundationless need blooming plants all around for it takes … Continue reading

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Why Top Bar Hives?

I chose this route because I believe it is the best way to manage hives without treatments (medications, essential oils, etc…). As with the other animals that we raise on our place, the organic approach works, but requires more labor and attention. Continue reading

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January 26th, and the bees are flying

Spring was threatening to arrive Wednesday. It was a balmy 62 degrees F, with clear, sunny skies. The hives in my backyard were busy and full of life. Continue reading

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Bald Faced Hornets

Here is a short video (30 seconds) of a hornet’s nest that Christy sent me from Seattle, WA. Continue reading

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Is it a Honey Bee or a Wasp?

Yellow jackets, wasps & hornets are much more aggressive than honey bees, and will come out in force if you happen to disturb their nest. Unlike honey bees, they can sting repeatedly. (They especially don’t like it if you blow a breath of air into their front door) Continue reading

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