Bees for Sale

***Please contact me to add your name to my 2017 wait list***

My bees have been treatment free since I began in 2009.

Fully regressed brood frame

Fully regressed brood frame

Call or email me to arrange details, and to confirm these are still available. or

Local Swarms for sale
$140 each for 2017 (paid on delivery)
2 delivered in 2016
5 delivered in 2015

Guaranteed to have a viable, laying queen, and a strong population of foragers.  A swarm should prove itself viable within the first week.  If a swarm or its queen fail within 7 days, I will replace it with another swarm (my first choice) or refund your payment.

Here’s how to tell that the swarm has a viable queen from watching outside the hive:

#1 Drawing comb is an indicator of queen-rightness.  You can often see hundreds of wax flakes inside the entrance on the bottom board from busy comb building activity.
#2 Pollen coming in abundantly, on or after day 3 from installation
#3 Swarm does not abscound (fly away) within 7 days
#4 There are no huge “orientation flights” that fill the entire yard as they search for a missing queen

I recommend swarms above package bees because they are healthy enough to reproduce here in the Seattle area.  These are often (but not always) from an unknown history and source.  There is no guarantee that I will be able to provide swarms to the waiting list.  There is no advanced notice, as swarming depends on situation and location.  Swarms are delivered in a cardboard box and should be installed into their permanent home within 18 hours.  I want you to succeed, so I’ll help with a 30 minute coaching/consultation session as part of the deal.

5 frame Nucleus hives for sale  **Wait list is filled for 2017**
each for 2016; (June–availability limited)
Treatment free, 4.9 mm small cell, fully regressed, local survivors with queens from intentional swarm cells, or populated from spring swarms.  5-frame Langstroth deep framed nucs in cardboard nuc boxes.



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