Bee Sales

I started my hobby as a small scale beekeeper because I wanted to supply quality honey for my family from healthy, treatment free bees.   I continue to refine the best way for me to accomplish that goal, and I’ve made prototype efforts with top bar hives, foundationless Langstroth, 4.9 mm foundation Lanstroth, Warre hives, and bait hives.  I choose not to put parasite treatments or medications in the hives, and I only feed with honey.

I have chosen to accept a smaller honey harvest in exchange for healthy bees and high quality honey.

Bees needing a home
In the spring & summer, healthy honey bees will often throw “reproductive swarms”.  These swarms can happen for a variety of reasons, all of which point to the fact that the bees are healthy enough to reproduce.  These swarms are the ones that I want to add to my apiary because they are doing well.  Bees that are sick or that don’t match the climate here in the PNW don’t reproduce.

These swarms are looking for a home.  Once I hive a swarm of bees, they quickly draw comb and begin to do their thing–growing more bees, and making honey.

Populated hives for sale
***None available for 2013***
I continue to increase my apiary.
Watch this space for availability & pricing, or email me and I will add your name to my waiting list.

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